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And I've heard they even sell stamps!
Thursday, May 27, 2004 @ 9:00 pm

For some reason, today really, really feels like a Friday, and I have no idea why that is. Luckily, I happen to like Fridays, so that's all right then.

Still no news on our future, such as it is-- nothing official, that is. Rumor has it that we'll be staying put for the time being, but I won't be getting too ecstatic until I see it in writing. Maybe not even then, given the circumstances.

I went to the post office to pay our electric bill yesterday, and was confronted by this:

creepy doll, allegedly a toy

Meet Kinas, the creepy mascot for Euro 2004. If you go to the post office, you have no choice, as he'll be staring at you from close range whilst you pay your bills, post your package, or perform whatever postal-type activities you have in mind. You may not be able to see this clearly, but they used brown packing twine to suspended the doll from the sign above the service counter, which I thought was a nice touch. Sort of a wood-free crucifixion. Or something.

As to why he's there, I can only surmise that the postal powers that be figured their customers would be so delirious with tedium after waiting in line for half an eternity, so high on the fumes from the man in the fugly plaid jacket who hasn't bathed in a year or two and who drools ever so slightly, that forking out even more money on a hideous and creepy doll would start looking like a damn fine idea.

You are, of course, not limited that particular Kinas doll. Heavens, no! He comes in a variety of sizes and incarnations, from a plastic Kinas keyring to the full sized stuffed Kinas. There's the Kinas-embossed bowl, plate and mug-- perfect for those folks who are trying to lose a bit of weight but just can't seem to shake that pesky appetite. You needn't limit yourself to Kinas, however -- rest assured that there is a plethora of Euro 2004 memorabilia out there, and the post office appears to have the full range. (You can see but a small selection in the background of the above picture.)

Ah, but what if you're sick of the whole Euro 2004 juggernaut, despite the fact that the tournament hasn't even started yet? Never fear! The Portuguese post office has plenty of other shopping opportunities: notebooks of every size, shape and color; photo quality printer paper; staplers, paper clips and other fasteners; pens, pencils, markers, metallic markers; pencil cases; mousepads and mice; cell phone covers, chargers and other accessories; compasses, protractors and other odd mathematical equipment; dirtbikes -- well, maybe not dirtbikes, but you can usually get those at Jumbo.

Actually, I rather like the office supply area at the new post office. Since it's a take-a-number kind of place, it gives you something to look at during the inevitable and interminable wait. It will never become a shopping destination, of course -- who wants to wait 45 minutes to pay for a packet of post-it notes and a whimsical pencil? Even so, I'm hoping that they'll branch out into magazines. Now, that would be useful.

Finally, there's this:

"You have adequate supplies for every conceivable circumstance. Whatever you're not carrying, you can buy or create."

Whoever composed my horoscope for today has clearly had a look at my handbag. Too bad I forgot to pack a magazine.

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